Transformer Oil Regeneration SystemBack

In the aging period, the oil of the transformer is oxidized and bored. Some by-products are coming up during the degradation (acids, aldehydes and peroxides) and they are causing the saponification. This saponification damages the insulation, decreases the oil flow and reduces the transformer temperature. “The transformer oil regeneration installation of EKOSinerji” is a system which is regenerating completely the insulation oil of the transformers under energy or not.  

As a plus to known elimination systems (gas and humidity elimination, filtering), the main role of the installation is to eliminate the gas produced by the increasing acidity, by the saponification and by the degradation of the oil. At the end of the operation the acidity of the oil is decreased, the boring resistance, the power coefficient and the surface tension are increased, a perfect oxidation stability is in place et the gas tendency is decreased.  

The regenerated oil is circulated on the cellulosic insulation and on the internal components of the transformer, in this way the by-products and the saponification are eliminated. The oil regeneration installation is designed to regenerate the oil at site for  the transformers under energy or not. 

The system realise some operation as gas elimination, drying and filtering, but his main objective is to eliminate the acids, the residual materials and the dissolved wastes. The regenerated oil has a structure without gas, a light colour as in the first use and a perfect oxidation stability.

The EKOSinerji mobile oil regeneration installation is designed and produced by Fluidex, a society of General Electric, Word leader. It is environmentally friendly and does not produce any harmful waste. Due to his software it is regenerating the oil of the transformer continuously without cutting the energy.    

In the aging period of the transformers the insulating oil is oxidised and degraded. A preventive action is regenerating the oil, protecting the cellulosic insulations with the elimination of the dissolved gas and is extending the life of the transformer. A preventive action is more economic compared to change a broken transformer.