ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management SystemBack

In all his activities the company EKOSinerji Elektrik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

Aims to be between the most prestigious companies of Turkey and of the word,with his products developed in accordance with the national and international standarts and produced by well treined operators with a minimum error and in accepted quality standarts.  

Create a system of quality management for the satisfaction without condition of his  customers,suppliers and employees, keeps it alive and ensure the continuous improvement. 

Accepts as a fundamental principle the environmental protection .Controls his activities to ensure the continious improvement of this system.

Promotes the workers healt and security, organize formatios the keep this idea alive.Controls his activities for the continious improvement of this system.

According to relevant laws and environmental regulations,takes the necessary mesures to avoluate the recyelable wastes, to reduce using of natural resources, to prevent polluion from hazardous wastes ,to  protect the  natural assets, not to make adversely affect to natural life, not pollute the natural evvironment and to develop it positivly.

Operates in accordance with the security laws and standarts. Takes the necessary mesures and asks to take these in accordance with the instructions to analyse and to minimize the risqs and to create secure environments for his employees,visiters and suppliers.

Creates communication facilities with his employees to take mesures to prevent and to eliminate the risqs for human healt and security and keeps them alive. Organises healt controles for his employees.

Defines and makes programs to achive the aims and the objectives of continious improvement.

Cooperates with the public,his  employees, employer, goverment, agencies and research institues to develop the environmental conditions,the qualty and the security performances.