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General Information

Secure, high-speed protection elements for complete generator protection, compliant with IEEE C37.102

  • Modular hardware architecture allows for flexibility in relay configurations to cover most generator applications
  • Advanced automation capabilities for providing customized protection and control solutions
  • Reduced installation space requirements through integration of multiple devices including protection, control functions, push buttons, status LEDs, and communication interfaces
  • Phasor Measurement Unit - Synchronised phasor information according to IEEE C37.118 standard
  • Advanced fault and disturbance recording, including internal relay operating signals thus eliminating the need for external recording devices
  • Simplified system integration with communications supporting serial and Ethernet interfaces and multiple protocols
  • Available Ethernet Global Data (EGD) eases integration with new and existing GE Energy control systems
  • Reduced relay to relay wiring and associated installation costs through high-speed inter-relay communications
  • Embedded IEC61850 Protocol