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General Information

Transformers are key and expensive components of the electrical grid and knowledge of their health condition is essential to having a reliable network. When a transformer’s insulation system is overstressed, gases are produced that dissolve in the oil. Dissolved Gas-in-oil Analysis (DGA) is recognized as the best indicator of developing faults.

The Hydran 201Ti is a small and easy to setup continuous DGA monitor. It provides the basic information used by IEEE® Standard C57.104 and can be used as an essential first line of defence for the transformers in your fleet to obtain advance warning of a failure condition and minimize the risk of unplanned outages. The Hydran 201Ti’s composite-gas sensor provides the world renown “Hydran gas value” using fuel cell technology (described as fixed instruments - method 3 in the standard). It responds 100% to Hydrogen(H2) (general fault gas) and is also sensitive to Carbon Monoxide(CO) (overheated paper), Acetylene(C2H2) (arcing) and Ethylene(C2H4) (overheated oil), thus covering all the main transformer failure root causes.