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General Information

Knowledge of the condition of transformers is essential for all electrical networks and on-line monitoring of transformers is an increasingly vital component of successful asset management programs. The information provided by multi-gas on-line DGA allows valuable asset capabilities to be maximised and expensive failures to be avoided.

The TRANSFIX DGA 500 is a new on-line monitoring unit that measures individual dissolved gas and moisture and provides both on-line monitoring and key exploratory diagnostics. . It provide measuring 5 key gases discretely; Hydrogen(H2) Carbon Monoxide(CO), Methane (CH4), Acetylene (C2H2), Ethylene (C2H4) and moisture with using photo-acoustic spectroscopy technology. In particular, the TRANSFIX DGA 500 enables the well known Duval’s triangle DGA diagnostic described in Appendix B of IEC Standard 60599. It uses the value of 3 gases (Acetylene, Ethylene and Methane) and is suitable for identifying various degrees/temperature of thermal faults as well as the presence of high-energy electrical discharge faults.

Transfix DGA500 unit requires no calibration or carrier gases.