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General Information

Basically, it is a very compact and moveable transformer substations.

Ai1 advantages are the smaller volume with the dimensions and lower maintenance because of the fewer parts and connections.

A transformer directly combined with the Medium Voltage Metal Enclosed SF6 Gas Insulated Compact Switchgear - Ring Main Unit and LV panel on a skid with or without enclosure can be a solution in case of transient energy needs or emergency or mains cut down.

Also it can be carried on a truck or it can be fixed on ground according to the demands.

Ai1 is taking shape with MV switchgear and LV panel and transformer.

MV switchgear and LV panel can be supplied as indoor type or outdoor type.

Transformers should be supplied as outdoor type as standard. If requested, a cover enclosed can be supplied for outdoor use for complete system. Ai1 is non-standard production so customer needs and demands and specifications define the system.