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General Information

Designed for up to 36 kV systems. All switching are in a stainless steel tank which is filled with SF6 gas.

Required type test for the safety of the operator and the facility have been applied to the switchgears which passed the tests successfully. Energized parts are isolated in IP 67 protection degree in case of any accidental touchThey are manufactured at smaller sizes by using load break switch with SF6 gas. SF6 gas is used inside for insulation and to extinguish the arc. Our Metal Enclosed SF6 Gas Insulated Modular Switchgears are ready for SCADA applications with GE General Electric protection and control relays.

Our switchgears are manufactured according to the relevant international and national standards like as IEC 60298, IEC 62271-200, BS EN 60298, TS EN 60298 to cover the request of customers with modular types, easy configurable and several typesIt offers a choice of either a load break switch fuse combination or vacuum circuit breaker with relay protection of the customer. It is also possible to make revisions, additions or modifications of the configuration for later requirements.

Switchgears can be replaced with another functional unit easily. It designed within 5 different types. A sealed stainless steel tank with constant atmospheric conditions ensures a high level of reliability as well as personal safety and virtually maintenance free system called no maintenance.

It can be supplied in different configurations and combinations suitable for switching applications. It can be combined with the Metal Enclosed SF6 Gas Insulated Compact Switchgears - Ring Main Units. The main benefits of the flexibility of the bus-bars are easy assembly disassembly, easy cable connection directly to the bus-bars, real modularity, exact defence against earthquake and other unbalance on the base ground.