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General Information

The underground concrete kiosks are the transformer substations which are designed for usage in under the ground, in electrical distribution. They can be used up to 36 kV nominal voltage and up to 1000 kVA transformer substation. Produced underground concrete kiosks are tested in internationally accredited laboratories, in accordance with IEC standards and passed succesfully the internal arc test for 16 kA 1 s values. 

The underground concrete kiosks produced with Turkish engineering and with the capital of EKOS GROUP, can be adapted to ambient easily through being under the ground. They can be mounted in places such as parks, gardens, squares and traffic islands. So, without disturbing the people, they used the space efficiently. 

EKOS GROUP is the first local manufacturer of underground kiosks in Turkey. Underground concrete kiosks which are in progress all around the Turkey, continue to operate without trouble.